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Massages, baths and more at the Sky Spa

Leave everyday life far behind and get away from it all with a visit to the 2.200m² Sky SPA at the Hotel Bergland in Sölden. Our experienced team of beauty and massage experts will be happy to advise you on the best treatment for your needs. We use only the finest essential oils and natural herbs from our own herb garden.

Treat yourself to a time out during your next holiday at the Hotel Bergland.

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Comfort Zone Facial Treatment

We are happy to take the time to find the right treatment method together from the active ingredients corner paired with apparative cosmetics. In the SKY SPA, we tailor each facial treatment to your individual needs after a digital skin analysis (*only for 80-minute treatments).

SKY SPA Pedicure

Beautiful feet? Need care. If you love your feet, you should pay attention to them.

SKY SPA Signature Massage

The SKY SPA Signature Massage reflects a holistic treatment concept, which responds optimally to your needs through the perfect symbiosis of the most diverse massage techniques.


We are also pleased to welcome day guests in the Bergland SKY SPA, on 2,200 m² above the roofs of Sölden. The sauna area with 4 saunas, indoor and outdoor pool, two relaxation rooms, fitness and gymnastics room, participation in the active program, bathrobe, towels and slippers are at your disposal. To make your day as pleasant as possible, we ask you to make a reservation in advance.

Electrolysis foot bath

Do you know the refreshing feeling of a walk after a summer thunderstorm? We owe this unique feeling to the purifying effect of the thousands of freshly formed ions in the air. The electrolysis footbath has a similar effect. Through electrolysis, the salty water is highly ionized and thus leads to natural purification and regeneration.

Young Generation

"What you experienced and loved as a child remains in the possession of your heart - even into old age."
For children up to 14 years

Wellness packages

Beauty Express:

  • Freshness kick facial
  • Business Manicure
  • Business Pedicure

Pure relaxation:

  • Alpine Stone 
  • Body peeling
  • Body wrap in the water floating bed

Private SKY SPA - Dinner for two

... there are very special moments that are perceived most intensively in the form of experiences and therefore remain forever in memory. In exactly such moments, very special messages are sent to our loved ones: at the marriage proposal, at the anniversary, at birthdays or simply when the famous 3 words "I love you" need a suitable frame...

Private SKY SPA - Only you

Use our private SPA exclusively in togetherness and enjoy precious time.

Private SKY SPA - Shared experience and so close to heaven

Private Sky SPA Romeo and Juliet
Wellness bath, body peeling, body wrap and full body massage

Private Sky SPA Alpine Heaven
Infrared, hay bath, body peeling & pack and full body massage

Treatment Mountain Fascination

Relaxing and caring pampering package with our in-house product line "Natural Alpine". We start with a special sheep's wool foot wash. A moisturizing and refreshing arnica crystal salt peeling frees the skin from old skin cells and makes it soft. The hay flower bath contains the powers of particularly nutrient-rich grasses and meadow plants of the sunny mountain slopes. During the zeolite pad tapping massage, the fine primitive rock with natural silicon is applied to your body and then gently massaged in with the sheep's wool balls.

Treatment Bergland Natural or Alpine

A light brush massage optimally prepares your body for the valuable ingredients of the mud pack. The moor alpine herb pack, combined with the warmth in the water float bed, has a metabolism-activating, circulation-promoting and muscle-loosening effect. The soothing Signature Massage with arnica and pine milk noticeably intensifies the body's well-being.

Signature Treatment Vitality

Choose your suitable body scrub, which frees the skin from dead skin particles and thus leads to a pleasant feeling of freshness. Afterwards, enjoy the Signature Massage, which is specifically tailored to your needs.

Would you like a little more? As a subsequent supplement to the peeling from the Purity treatment, you can optimally extend your application with a nourishing body pack. After the Signature Massage, you will feel as if you have been reborn, relaxed and invigorated.

Signature Treatment Purity

Choose your suitable body scrub, which frees the skin from dead skin particles and thus leads to a pleasant feeling of freshness. Afterwards, enjoy the Signature Massage, which is specifically tailored to your needs.

Alpine Stone

We from the Ötztal have deeply studied the ancient knowledge and reinterpreted it in our own way. We complement the traditional lava site with the power of Ötztal garnet stones and arnica oil to fully activate and simultaneously strengthen the body's self-healing powers.


Prices only in combination with a beauty treatment*. 

* Prices only in combination with a beauty treatment applies only to upper lip.

Apparative cosmetics

During iontophoresis / sonophoresis treatment, the active ingredients (depending on the skin type) are deeply infiltrated into the tissue. In the microdermabrasion / hydroabrasion treatment, the upper skin cells are removed mechanically in a gentle and controlled manner. This noticeably stimulates the regeneration processes in the skin.

Price only in combination with a beauty treatment.

Beautiful Eyes

Special treatment for eyes and beautiful moments. Eye mask, serum, special massage, eye care.

SKY SPA manicure or pedicure

Beautiful hands & feet? Need care. If you love your hands and feet, you should pay attention to them.

Body wraps

The treatment begins with a gentle wooden massage roller, which activates the lymphatic system and stimulates blood circulation. This massage technique naturally removes water retention and toxins from the body. We then apply our specially developed Cello Cream to improve skin elasticity and increase collagen production. The comforting warmth of the water massage bed and the wrapping technique enhance the effect of the cream while stimulating the metabolism.

Nuad Thai Massage

The original from the "Wat Po" temple in Bangkok - pressures and stretches open your energy flow and make the body flexible. A unique massage technique.

May it be something special?

We are also happy to offer you:

Foot reflex massage: 50 min I 80
Lymphatic drainage: 50 min I 80

Naturally beautiful facial treatment

Through the harmonious interplay of powerful alpine plant extracts, natural active ingredients and precious emulsions, your skin gets everything it needs to look supple, plump and vital.

Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Book an appointment before you arrive. To avoid disappointment, we recommend that guests book an appointment at the Sky SPA before they arrive.

book spa-appointment

Do something good for your body so that your soul wants to live in it.

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